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The best, automated solutions for loading cartons, pallets, transports, and containers.   'Maxing the Cube' is the familiar phrase for our core concept:  Optimization of Volumetric Space.

In short, we’re the world leader at putting ‘things’ into ‘containers.’ Our 3-D, and yes 4-D, solutions are on-line, every day, around the world, computing difficult, real-world load plans and diagrams.

Our Mission - "Optimize the Impossible"

It's simply not enough to do the impossible - we excel at optimizing it!

Our solutions are light-years ahead of any other load planner/diagrammer, because real-world loading is MUCH more than just 'maxing the cube.'  We compute complex, mixed loads in seconds, with accurate axle weights, in drop location sequence.   Expert palletization and loading enforce stacking, overhang, weight, and height constraints.  Industrial-strength performance and speed deliver optimum results to major, high-volume logistics operations  -  in real-time.

Feature-for-feature, get the best for your planners, diagrammers, and loaders, to optimize your mission-critical shipment, delivery, fulfillment, and logistics operations:

True Mixed-load Palletization and Container Loading
Accurate Fit and Placement, Avoiding Unloadable Spaces
Axle Weight Calculation
Drop Location Sequencing
Automatic Self-Bracing and Load Distribution
3-D On-line Graphical Load Editor
Fast Performance - Palletize and Load in under a minute
Best-Fit Carton Selection for Catalog/Fulfillment operations
Continuous, Automatic, Reliable Operation
Seamless connectivity to your Order/Ship/Bill and WMS systems

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