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"Complete Logistics Solutions for
immediate bottom line impact. "

Warehouse Management

Inventory Manager

Assign products to warehouse locations, managing overall minimum and maximum warehouse quantities. The Stock Locater records actual quantities at each warehouse location plus comprehensive product characteristics (lot, color, use-by, etc.). Integrates with Order Management and Load Planning & Simulation for accurate management of ordered and allocated products. Look-ahead to forecast and schedule JIT manufacturing ot purchasing, maintaining optimum inventory levels.

Directed, Shortest-Path Picking

Identify the shortest picking path for a pallet while enforcing other stacking, overhang and loading rules.

Directed Carton Selection

Select the smallest available carton for shipping a group of products, guaranteeing ALL products actually fit in the carton and void space is minimized.

Build to Stage Pallet

Retain picked palletization when the shipment must be re-calculated to fit in a different vehicle.

Dynamic and Temporary Slotting

Convey the correct picking location on all picklists, RF directions, loading documents, reports, and confirmations.

Multi-SKU Palletization

Load mixed-sized products on pallets, enforcing contact, orientation, overhang, and height constraints.

Uniform Palletization

Automatically calculate the best-fit pattern from Tie/High and product dimensions.

Even-Layered Palletization

Load mixed-sized products on pallets in even layers, with top crown, while enforcing contact, orientation, overhang, and height constraints.

Stackability Manager

Control the separation and co-mingling of palletized products.

Weight Computation

Enforce pallet maximum weight limit.

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