Consulting and Enterprise wide logistics solutions including Supply Chain, JIT Production Scheduling, Warehouse Management, Load Planning & Simulation

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"Complete Logistics Solutions for
immediate bottom line impact. "

Supply Chain

JIT Production Scheduling

Set minimum and maximum inventory levels for raw materials and manufactured products. Schedule purchases and production line manufacturing to meet ordered quantity and delivery requirements.

Order Entry and Point of Sale

Integrate load simulation with order entry for carton, pallet and vehicle fit analysis while the customer is on the line. Identify products for automatic cut/add to fill a vehicle, boosting sales without jeopardizing transportation efficiency.

Distribution Requirements Planning

Forecast and plan shipments based on scheduling requirements, product availability, container allocation and availability, and customer deadlines.

Shipment Confirmation

Identify each carton, pallet and vehicle with actual loaded contents - carrier data, loading notes, date/time/person responsible for loading, etc.

Advance Shipment Notification

Provides the critical datastream for ASN.

Barcoding and Serialization

Generate unique serial numbers and print all barcode symbologies.

HUB Distribution Manager

Plan container and vehicle loads based on arrival sequence at the HUB, number of items in the queue and destination HUB, e.g. Federal Express.

Global E-Commerce Manager

Receive e-mialed orders from remote sites, load diagram the orders and return the graphical results automatically to the originator, without operator intervention. Originators can view, edit and print the results at their site.

Data Collection, Analysis and Decision Support

Relational database repository to accumulate palletization and load planning activity for reporting, analysis, audit and decision support for transportation, freight, 3rd party logistics and other contract and logistic management arenas.

Purchasing and Inbound Shipment Management

Integrate with purchasing to deliver detailed load diagrams and instructions coincident with the purchase order. Combine e-mail or FAX technologies to automatically forward to the supplier's loading facility.

Pick-up/Delivery Appointment Scheduling

Integrate with manufacturing schedule and route planner for JIT pick-up and delivery of items based on priority and route sequence.

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