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"Complete Logistics Solutions for
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Load Planning & Simulation

Utilization Optimization

Load vehicles, optimizing the use of space. Automatically load multiple vehicles when ordered products exceed the capacity of a single vehicle.

Square Ends

Select this loading bias to produce loads squared front and rear, for tarping.

Axle Weight Calculation

Calculate front and rear axle weights, showing overweight conditions on-line in RED.

Trailer Loader

Load standard trucks, trailers, and ocean containers.

Railcar Loader

Load railcars, including boxcar, flatrack, center-beam, open-top, and other configurations.

Aircraft Loader

Load angular aircraft containers and flight pallets.

Stackability Manager

Control the separation and co-mingling of products in palletization and general loading.

Weight Computation

Enforce the maximum weight limit for a vehicle type.

Dunnage Computation

Include the dunnage weight in load calculation. Optionally show or hide the dunnage weight on graphic diagrams and reports for loaders, carriers, and customers.

Compress Load

Easy one-click button to compress a pallet or vehicle load to the smallest cubic footprint, or flatten and spread it across the floor of the pallet or vehicle.

Priority Manager

Automatically cut or add products to an order to fill a vehicle.

Shipment Sequencing

Use a 2-level schema to control palletization and vehicle loading by City/Stop, Store/Aisle, Route/Drop, etc.

HazMat Manager

Identify hazardous materials and enforce their separation and stacking during load calculation.

Center of Gravity

A loading bias for generating solutions equalized around the vehicle's center of gravity, e.g. the Space Shuttle.


Load horizontal cylinders in pyramid patterns. Load upright drums and cylinders in a staggered, nested pattern for best-fit.

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