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"Complete Logistics Solutions for
immediate bottom line impact.

Automation & System Administration

Automated Diagrammer

Automatically detects arriving orders, calculates the load plan, and catalogues the results for subsequent review and approval, without manual intervention.

Historical Diagram Manager

Save load plans for subsequent retrieval. Instantly detect and recall previous loading solutions when the same order quantities and vehicles are specified, expediting the load planning for repeat orders.

Load Archival Manager

Productivity module to organize and classify load plans into convenient folders by the day of the week.


Scalable solutions will coordinate load planning over multiple sites, multiple DC's, multiple workstation, and multiple load planners.


Periodic wholesale backup and recovery of the entire system for disaster recovery and workstation failures.

Print Manager

Control the printing of documents, reports, diagrams, and placards including the number of copies, color/no color/B&W/shading options.

FAX Manager

Relay picking and loading documents, diagrams, and reports to FAX machines at DC's, customer locations, and other remote sites.

Re-Print Exception Manager

Tracks the number of times a placard, document, diagram, or report has been printed for coordinating shared work and meeting audit requirements.

Picklist Printing

Choose to separate or combine the picklist with the graphical diagram.

As-Picked Pack List

Track and mark item substitutions on placards, picklists, reports, and electronic confirmations.

Customer Configured Labels and Placards

Design labels and placards to customer specifications, including barcodes.

Host Download

Automated datastream of orders from Host Order/Ship/Bill systems or WMS, to eliminate manual key entry.

Host Upload

Automated datastream to convey load plan, diagram, palletization, and ASN to Host Order/Ship/Bill systems.

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