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ALS Web Client

ALS Web Client is a full-featured, visual load planning and load diagramming program . It is the best carton, pallet, sea container loading and truck loading system on the planet.

With ALS Web Client, you compose Orderlists, click a button for automatic loading, and have the optimized results in seconds. Container diagramming should load all your product, regardless of how many containers it takes. You then use ALS Web Client to view, edit, print, or re-calculate graphical loading results instantly, (like the printout above of a 20' container) whether your shipment planning result was one or many. Loading truck is then a snap with step by step loading directions and diagrams!

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ALS Web Client requires the following:

    • An IBM-compatible workstation with Win9x, WinNT/2000/XP
    • Modem connection, DSL or other Internet connection.

Getting Started

Download ALS Web Client:

    • Click ALS Web Client to download
      the ALS Web Client application
    • Note: Your browser security settings must be set
      to either "prompt" for or "enable Active X controls.

    • Call 1-360-378-5398 for Activation Code

4 Easy Steps for Your Optimum Loading Solution!

    • Select Vehicle, Pallet or Carton(s) to Load
    • Enter SKU Quantity, Size and Weight (database included)
    • Click the Load Button
    • Review and Print Loading Results to show how
      effective you are with ALS Web Client.

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Sample Load Results

Frequently Asked Questions

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