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"Complete Logistics Solutions for
immediate bottom line impact. "

Advanced Order Picking

With Advanced Order Picking (AOP) you know the contents, size and number of pallets and containers before any product is handled.

Intellegent Mixed Load Palletizer

AOP makes the best pallets by enforcing building rules to:
  • Make whole stock pallets first
  • Build whole pallet layers
  • Create mixed layers with same sized items
  • Arrange single items

Quality Inspection

AOP's 3-D diagrams, bar coded pallet license plates and itemized pick lists boost picked pallet accuracy, while reducing quality inspection time!

Pick by Location

AOP optimizes the picking order of a pallet by finding the shortest picking path in the warehouse.

Order Data and Interfaces

AOP eliminates the guesswork and approximations. Actual product dimensions and weight, plus the pallet stacking pattern are used to build the exact layout of each layer in your stock or mixed pallet. Other product specifications include:

  • Product Stacking rules (top load, bottom load, stacking limit)
  • Palletizing data (cases per layer, layers per pallet)
  • Warehouse location

Easy download/upload file transfers connect AOP with your order system, ensuring accurate, up to date order information to AOP and loading results are returned.

Accurate Payload Axle Weights

AOP calculates kingpin and axle weights to produce accurate "street legal" loads. Heavy freight will weigh out before it cubes out. AOP arranges product so the net weight on each axle is within specified limits and the load is optimally distributed.

Features of Advanced Order Picking

  • Displays 3-D pallet and container loading diagrams
  • Builds mixed-load pallets
  • Outputs 3-D graphics, pick-lists, 2-D loading schematics and license plates/placards
  • Operates in continuous batch mode
  • Computes accurate axle weights.
  • Loads any container: truck, aircraft, sea container, van
  • Loads by drop location
  • Enforces general and item specific loading rules
  • Works in stand alone and network configurations (Novell, Windows NT) with ASCII interfaces to common mid-range and high end platforms (IBM AS/400, IBM 3090, HP6000, etc.)


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