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Customers say about our products:

Carol Francis, of City Moving Systems, Kent, WA - "It's AWESOME, and you can quote me on that!"


Some of our recent Projects:

Midway USA is another sucessful ALS-Optipack project. ALS-Optipack provides Midway USA customers with optimum carton selection and most economical shipping. The project is proceeded smoothly, was completed on time and without going over budget on the starting quote.


Restaurant Equippers selects ALS-Optipack with Pack-N-Rate to meet their carton selection, palletization, and LTL shipment needs. Primary in their decision to go with the proven ALS-Optipack system was the ability to rate shop their negotiated rates, including LTL and small parcel carriers. Additionally, ALS-Optipack ensures the lowest cost and most accurate shipping by handling each/case packs, each/pallet quantities, strapping, kits, and items that self ship. Shipping information is available for both CSRs and web site clients, with quotes provided at web speed. This results in more shopper orders, boosting sales and profitability.


Marine Depot uses ALS-Optipack to provide online customers with instant, accurate shipping costs for the shipping method of their choice. As each item is added to the shopping cart, ALS-Optipack selects the optimum carton to pack the order in, minimizing carrier charges, and can display the updated shipping cost in web time. Frozen product is packed in insulated cartons with room for dry ice, this is automatically accounted for and included in the displayed shipping cost. Increasing sales as a result of decreased shipping charges is just one benefit, order fulfillment is expedited by picking directly to the shipping carton, allowing the elimination of totes or bags adding profitability.


Bronco Wine had a detailed and thorough list of requirements that their WMS must meet. Advanced Logistics Systems was selected for superior graphical capabilities, mapped warehouse space, intelligent picking path selection, effective each, layer, and full pallet pick by order quantity, and picked pallet optimization. In addition, putaway requests can be interleaved with pick requests via RF, maximizing productivity, efficiency, and economy of pick/putaway labor, and pallet use. Integrated Advanced Loading System provides optimized truck loads that are effective for multi stop California deliveries. Bronco Wine is another ALS integration success with IFS.


New Products

ALS Web-Client is a full-featured, visual load planning and diagramming program for originating and preparing orders. Only a web browser is required, sending them via an Internet connection to the ALS Web Server for optimization. The best load planning system, at your fingertips with out any IT expense.

With ALS Web Client, you compose Orderlists, click a button for automatic loading, and receive the results from the ALS Web Server in seconds. You then use ALS Web Client to view, edit, print, or re-calculate graphical loading results instantly.

ALS Web Client requires the following:
    • An IBM-compatible workstation with Win9x, WinNT/2000/XP
    • Modem connection, DSL or other Internet connection.
Please see the ALS Web Client page, "Getting Started" section to download and try the ALS Web Client today!!!!!

Pack-N-Rate always chooses the lowest cost shipping method!
  • Seamlessly runs with your order entry system, or use supplied order entry screen.
  • Number of cartons, dimensions, weight and shipping costs are known at Order Entry time! Uses actual product dimensions and weight for accurate carrier rate quotations- no guessing.
  • Computes the lowest combination of: carton, filler and shipment costs.
  • Special product handling features - signature required ship methods and express ship methods by line item.
  • Specify "Self-Shippers", items which must ship in separate individual carton and identify Non-machineable items, such as poster tubes, which require additional processing charges.
  • Send Haz-Mat by ground only.
  • Specify preferred shipping method and preferred carrier by order.
  • Rating for international, US territories and APO/FPO addresses.
  • Print pick ticket and or shipping labels.
  • Check inventory.
  • Track carton/bag usage.

Please see the Pack-N-Rate product page for more details!

Press Releases

Silver Bullet Technologies president, John Higgins, and Robert Ahbel, president of Advanced Logistics Systems, Inc. signed an agreement integrating the companies' products and services. Silver Bullet Technologies targets the NVOCC, freight forwarder, importer and exporter market, for companies in the 10 - 100 million dollar range. Their innovative software, SB Freight™, provides receiving, warehousing, value added service (re-pack, consolidation and de-consolidation), container stuffing and the required documentation for import/export, using MS SQL. In addition, seamless integration to the Microsoft Great Plains products and technologies provides financials that are customized to the freight forwarding industry. . Advanced Logistics Systems is providing the Advanced Loading System®, fully integrated into the package. ALS provides cartonizing, pallet, truck and sea container stuffing load plans to be generated automatically. The fully optimized results are then automatically incorporated in SB Freight™, not only in the loading documentation, but for each step of the export or import processing as well. With the collaboration, time and labor savings, in addition to direct container and truck cost savings can be considerable. 10% to 27% utilization improvements in just container stuffing have been documented by users of the system such as Hapag-Lloyd and North American Van Lines. "We believe the collaboration and synergy of our companies, will result in an unprecedented leap forward for our customers in this market. Increasing bottom line, competitive advantage and improving customer service will prove that the sum is far greater than the separate parts." said Mr. Ahbel at a press conference recently. The products are to be unveiled at the Sea Cargo Americas International Congress & Exhibition Cargo Americas International Congress & Exhibition in Miami, Fl May 7-8.


United States Navy deploys Advanced Loading System.

The US Navy chooses Advanced Logistics Systems software, again! After the SPAWARS division of the U.S. Navy selected the Advanced Loading System software to maxload containers and materials tracking for world-wide relief efforts and military deployments, additional units have purchased and deployed Advanced Logistics Systems solutions.

Advanced Loading System features, such as strict loading sequence, stacking rules for floor loaded & palletized products and 3-D graphical diagrams are instrumental to the Navy. Advanced notice of the contents of a container and 3-D diagrams with item listings provide the Navy with the ability to unload the most critical materials first!

Shuttle Express installs ALS-Web Reservations

Serving the Seattle-Tacoma (SEA) airport and vicinity, Shuttle Express needed a real time web reservation system. Prime requirement was the ability to integrate seamlessly with the 'home' CSR reservation system, plus give out 'real time' reservation confirmation. Real time inventory insures all passengers have their transportation to and from the airport at the correct time. Multiple classes of service (share ride, exclusive van and limousine) are accommodated! Tens of thousands of reservations and confirmations have been issued by the new system, which is hosted on Advanced Logistics Systems own servers.


Hanover Direct installs ALS-Optipack

Catalog and E-Commerce order fulfillment company is using ALS-Optipack for automated carton selection!

ALS-Optipack eliminates the guess-work of carton selection. Orders can be picked directly into the cartons in which they will ship minimizing product touches and reducing packing time.

Hanover Direct Executive Vice President and CFO, Brian Harriss, discusses the implementation of ALS-Optipack and the impact on their shipping operations "....a product called (ALS-) Optipack, which allows people in the fulfillment centers to actually use the proper size containers...this can save costs."


Clorox Supply Chain Success....
In a recent CGT article, Clorox executive John Leggett explains the diverse product line at Clorox and the challenges in planning and effectively loading trucks.
Advanced Order Picking software, installed at each Clorox distribution center, provides the solutions to Clorox's shipping requirements with:
  • Build of mixed-SKU pallets
  • Enforcement of strict stacking rules
  • Loading by drop location
  • Accurate axle weights
  • 3-D graphics, pick lists and pallet placards

Please see the Advanced Order Picking product page for complete details!


Inbound Logistics has named Advanced Logistics Systems, Inc. as a 2008 Top 100 Logistics Information Technology Provider. The magazine's editors reviewed more than 400 companies and based its criteria on companies that provide transportation related technology solutions that best meet its readers' needs. This is the sixth year in a row that this prestigious award has been awarded for Advanced Logistics Systems innovative technology...


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